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Honoring yourself means recognizing that you have needs and you have a right to have them satisfied. Honoring ourselves starts from within. It is not something you can put on or even walk into, it is something you put out. Being honest and compassionate with yourself, learning to set boundaries and honoring those boundaries and honoring your truth.
I had a client who couldn't understand why her family and friends didn't seem to appreciate anything she did for "them". She would constantly sacrifice her own happiness for the happiness of others. Her realtionships usually consisted of people she had to "take care of" and people who made her feel unworthy. Obviously not only was she frustrated with this expereince, but exhausted as well and somewhat resentful. My question to her was.."How do you expect others to honor you if you dont teach them by honoring yourself first?
Many of us look outside of ourselves for validation and confirmation that we are accepted and loved. Hoping that others will see this love that we somehow dont see in ourselves and reflect it back to us. So we attract toxic people, drop our boundaries and allow them to trample over our sacred gifts. Once we become sick we then cry out to the heavens "why have you forsaken me"??? 
We understand that when we see a toxic sign that saids warning this chemical can kill you, common sense tells us to get as far away from that environment as soon as possible to protect our lives. In that moment you are honoring yourself. But for some reason it seems difficult to do the same in removing yourself from toxic people. Maybe it is because they dont have signs flashing above their heads with a skeleton and a cross saying beware I am Toxic, dont allow me in!!! But there are other signs that you can see if you pay attention. Some are as follows:
Usually toxic people are negative, needy, chronic complainers, who suck the very life out of you if you let them. Your body may tense up slightly when you come in contact with them. This is a big sign. And if you are not clear that to love yourself is to honor yourself, you will find yourself swimming in a toxic pool of toxic people wondering how the heck did Iyou get there.
When we dont grasp the inner truth of knowing we are love and worthy of love, we will find ourselves searching outside of ourselves for it, only in many cases to experience everything but love. We must know that to love ourselves and to set boundaries is to honor ourselves. And when we truly honor ourselves we are silently giving others permission to honor us as well and toxic people will begin to fade away. Does honoring yourself mean you will never come in contact with toxic people again? No, but your boundaries will keep you alert and protected from them.
A friend and I were talking about honoring our truths, our dreams, our visions and our boundaries. Understanding that we are not only our stories of yesterday, but full of our desires for tomorrow. Accepting that we have a purpose that goes beyond what we see in our everday lives. A purpose that only you can show up for. No one else can fulfill it because it is your purpose. Realizing that we have a divine right to live our fullest life toxic free within that purpose as long as it does not infringe on anothers divine right to life and wellbeing. This however can only be accomplished by first honoring and respecting yourself and your boundarieds. So have at it. Start today honoring yourself by removing some of the toxins in your life.