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These are a few of the Crystals offered at Conscious Creations.  There are over 300 different types in stock. If you are looking for a hard to find crystal please email us or call us at 803.233.0055

Clear Quartz
Has the ability to align ones consciousness with electromagnetics energies of the Universe. Inhances clairity of the mind and elevates thoughts. Also good for releasing bad habits.
Rose Quartz
Dark pink to light pink 
Has a calming effect on the heart. Increases feeling of self worth and self love.
Lapis Lazuli
Dark Blue with traces of pyrite and white calcite
Lapis has psychic cleasing energy to open our channels that are blocked, also aids in developing inner discipline. It can tap into the higher self and release blocked emotions.
Green Jade
Dark Green
Inspires mind and good fortune. Stimulates wisdom, practicality and feelings
Purple or violet
Relieves nervous headaches, pains, and tension
Known to have a soothing effect when worn or placed on the body, offers protection against radiation. Spiritually it is good for people with low self esteem and sense feeling off centered. It enhances meditation and a awareness of GOD
Black Tourmaline
Works with all seven chakras. Gives inspiration and dispels grief. Has strong electrical and magnetic properties.
Milky white
Opens the heart to humanitarian love and brings forth experiences while protecting sensitive natures. It strengthens the female emotional energies and intuitive powers. Good for trances, mediumship and letting go.
Tigers Eye
Golden, Red, Blue, Mutlicolor
Warns the wearer of danger and troubles. Is considered the gem of good luck. Offers psychic protection and brings great power to the mind and thought process
Tigers Eye
Red Jasper
Eases emotional stress and upsets. Good for balancing the physical body
Delicate pink, blue, green, gray, and yellow
Grounds excess energy and allows more efficency. It is best used with copper and silver for healing the physical body.  A strengthener for the ability to percieve a higher understanding of reality.
Bright Blue-green with light green streaks
Used as protection from evil, especially as a talisman. Wards off undesirable business associates. Stimulates and strenghten clear vision and insight as it aligns the crown center and the pineal and pituitary bodies.  Is known as the Divine Balancer
Stimulates opportunity and motivation. Increases perception, creates insight. Used for good luck and wealth. Creative visualization is increased with the use of this gemstone.

Dark green with red spot of jasper
Good for urinary troubles, good to protect against sunstroke and headaches. Used for removing energy blocks and circulates energy on all levels


Light to dark orange
Prevents misfortune and protects against the evil eye.
Also good as a blood purifier


Crystals by Josephine